Go Heavy Or Go Home

I work on a guy who knows the guy who trains this guy.

It hurts to watch. Not because of imagining that it hurts. Because of loving to imagine what it feels like.

That moment in the squat, with 706 pounds. There’s that place where it’s not going to go up unless you tell yourself that no matter what the laws of physics and physiology are, it will go up. You see it? Right about 0:45? We just won’t talk about where I hit it, versus where this kid hits it.

There’s a saying: “If the bar ain’t bending, you’re just pretending.”

(No belt…. dear God, no belt…)

I do that thing with my left leg too, on the bench press.


7 thoughts on “Go Heavy Or Go Home

    • Yeah, any weight gym meant for that kind of full-throttle lifting is on the ground (or underground) floor. Preferably with half-inch or more rubber padding over the concrete. I’m impressed that the kid can park it on the most basic kind of squat rack there is — I don’t like to work without a step rack that has a much bigger footprint, but then if you do that, you have to take three more steps back with the weight. When you’re in the league he is you don’t throw away a rep on extra steps.

  1. It has but one point: peak awesomeness.

    The lyrics don’t matter, but it’s about people leaving a destroyed Earth to live on Venus (probably after a nuclear war, it was the 80’s after all) Specifics be damned, we’ve got the catchiest keyboard riff ever!

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