(If you’re not a Babylon-5 geek, you’ll just have to look up the explanation of that.)

Actually this has nothing to do with Babylon-5 or alien races using purple and green sashes as insignia, it’s just humorous, from a geek point of view, that my garden started out on the Green side and seems to be in the process of switching.

Usually these things emerge in sequence but after four feet of snow and some 90-degree spring days, it’s all exploding at once.

Purple is supposed to be the color of wealth in Feng Shui. I ought to be a hell of a lot richer by now.


17 thoughts on “Purple!

  1. You outgeeked me on Babylon 5 with that reference, though in my defense I don’t think I’ve caught an episode in years. Loved it. If I had money to burn I’d get it on DVD, but I’m not sure if I’d get B5 before Farscape.

    • I don’t even have money to burn but I took a chance on a second-hand set and so far, nothing is defective.

      I have a strange and tortured history with the series. My Brit Ex used to tape it and had quite a library of episodes which he played for me rather promiscuously and out of order, tantalizing me maddeningly, because there was obviously a terrific storyline there, and simply maddening me because he had this irritating habit of playing videos when he was afraid he might have to put up or shut up in the sex department. So I didn’t get to really watch the whole thing through until years later, on a borrowed set of all five seasons, after the memory of exasperation had faded. I confess to reading all the paperbacks, and everything.

  2. We even a have blue and purple flowers of various types, most very tiny, in our lawn. I wait for a while to first cut it just to enjoy the colors that swirl about in the lush of spring green grass.

  3. Gorgeous purple exravaganza. I’ve never seen B5 but I loved Battlestar Galactica so maybe I’ll have to try it…?

    • It was a vastly better programme than Battlestar Galactica. It is really a retelling of the gnostic-Christian vision of the great struggle. It unfolds well, and the series is generally well conceived and acted.

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