Too Much Information

Ogden Nash said it:

I have a little daddy
Who goes in and out with me,
And everything that Baby does
My daddy’s sure to see,
And everything that Baby says
My daddy’s sure to tell.
You must have read my daddy’s verse.
I hope he fries in hell.

My “Catma Sutra” cats may be starting to feel this way about me, but honestly, if you were sitting there with a camera in your hand and you heard noises like that from the next room, what would you do?

I don’t know what came over him. They’re both neutered.

My ace fellow catmom Azahar doesn’t have these problems.


12 thoughts on “Too Much Information

  1. When even neutered cats are getting more action than me I know I need to pounce on the Danish Biochemist downstairs…

    • According to female cats I interviewed, the method is not to pounce but to fling oneself to the carpet and roll fetchingly, then side-stroke along while making a “chirrup” noise. This will provoke advances.

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