Easter For Infidels

Maybe it’s just me. If I believed in a God who incarnated only to have his heartfelt messages of personal awareness rewarded with a judicial murder in the high spirit of the times, would I feel the need to commemorate his miraculous resurrection by cramming myself into a commercial location with a few thousand other people of superficially similar persuasion?

Just axin.

But this is what happens every fucking Easter Sunday in the mercantile complex that houses my gym, owing to it being home to a number of Southeast Asian businesses and the French having disseminated the Catholic belief system in Indo-china and all. I guess they feel more secure in numbers, or something.

I managed to get out after an ass kicking workout despite the hordes that were stampeding into the place, hooray for Jeezus, god help you if you want to navigate that parking lot, and came home to an explosion on my half-tended half acre.

The earth does not much care about human affairs, and manifests its resurrections on its own schedule.


9 thoughts on “Easter For Infidels

  1. I love this blog, especially the last sentence. Nuf said.

    And oh, the photo is beautiful. I spent an hour photographing cactus blossoms this afternoon. Yellow prickly pear blossoms with orange tint. How beautiul they are!

  2. Last year the Amazon asked me cheerfully, “So, do you do anything to celebrate that whole thing about the dead Jew on a stick?”

    I told her no, and I also don’t do anything in a different solstice to recognize a baby Jew in a trough.

    • This one is an equinox, actually, or specifically the first Sunday after the first full moon after the equinox.

      A crusty agnostic with pagan leanings, I revere both the power of resurrection in any sense and the courage shown by people who say things unpopular enough to get them killed, cf. Wilhelm Reich’s The Murder of Christ, which is actually about the human instinct to persecute anyone who undermines the popular social or emotional or intellectual lies. I don’t know how much that has to do with the reasons people dress up on Easter and go to church, hoping to impress people with their new bonnets. 😐

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