The Catma Sutra

Those interested in Victorian exploration, non-European cultures or general libertinage are likely to be aware of the Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana and its classic translation into English under the auspices of the British polymath and adventurer Sir Richard Burton.

Some of the works Burton hoped to lay before the public were considered far too risque for his time, and were destroyed, or never saw the light of day. Few are aware of the rare illustrated work known as the Catma Sutra.

It’s really getting ridiculous around here.

14 thoughts on “The Catma Sutra

  1. We got your number right here, RF.

    This sort of sight is becoming so routine around here that it’s perilous. But it’s giving me a lot of incentive to practice with a new Power Shot camera that I got when the lithium batteries on an older camera finally died and it became painfully clear that a newer, smaller camera with way more capabilities could be had for the price of new batteries and a more capacious chip. I’ll always cherish my old Olympus because it got me through my adventures in political insanity, but this is quickly becoming “the cat camera.”

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