A Big F*cking Deal

I have had this sign out on my lawn since last summer. I gave it a victory lap until nightfall and then brought it in.

I am hardly government’s biggest fan, or conventional medicine’s either, but it is about time that everyone had a stake in the availability of medical treatment for anyone who needs it. Think it through: if we are all invested in maintaining a “health care” system, we might just find reasons to demand that all medical treatments actually work.

Pipe dreams, possibly, but I find myself imagining government actuaries questioning invasive tests that hurt people as frequently as they detect disease, or technology that looks impressive but misses two out of three instances of the disease it’s intended to detect, to wit  the sacred mammogram. A couple of well-placed hellraisers on Capitol Hill, and we might actually reverse a quarter-century trend toward coercing people [who can pay] into lifelong engagement with medical “care” that merely makes them into professional patients, while denying genuinely sick people treatments that could save their lives. We might be forced to confront the culpability of both the food and drug industries in the ghastly state of American well-being. What a thought.

My best professional buddy does not have to worry any more about where she will find the money to pay for her rheumatoid-arthritis prescriptions when she goes on Medicare. I can shop around for improvements on my current insurance without expecting to be turned down or (worse) “rescissed” for the “pre-existing condition” of having been alive on Earth for fifty-five years (try going that long without having something or other happen to you, health-wise). I am as healthy as my wits and will can make me, but I can get hit by a bus as easily as any speedwalker and there is still that madman out there who might take a shot at me.

The whole situation is still kind of a mess right now but I have to hand it to Joe Biden for catching the spirit of the thing.


6 thoughts on “A Big F*cking Deal

  1. I liked the tweet I saw that went something like…

    Welcome to 1941 – Germany
    Welcome to 1912 – Norway
    Welcome to 1946 – Canada
    Welcome to 1930 – France


    Truly a big f*cking deal.

  2. The actual Barackobama site says with perfect gravity:

    “There are things that are a big deal — birthdays, anniversaries, the NCAA Championship game. And then there are things that are a BFD, like delivering health insurance to 32 million Americans. We worked hard together to make health reform a reality, and now you can celebrate this historic victory with this shirt.”

    I love people who can turn a foot in mouth moment into a victory roll.

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