The First Full Moon In Spring

The first full moon after the vernal equinox is an important event in many religions and cultures.

This is one of the pictures I had taken the year of my divorce, as a morale boost, by a gay men’s calendar photographer who understood that I was not about the glamour shot. (I am about eight pounds heavier at the moment with a bit more density in the back and arms.) I posted a crop of it a while back and have used a bit of it as a header but the season seemed to demand the whole lunar module.

I know I am jumping the gun by about a week but everyone likes to be first.

Happy Spring everyone.


9 thoughts on “The First Full Moon In Spring

  1. Jesus, what a gorgeous photo. And never mind the fantastically sculpted arms and back (although, bloody hell, they look fabulous) just look at your lovely waist. I’m straight-up-and-down girl myself, so I have always envied actual waists. 🙂

  2. Now, that’s photography and pose for you; the open spread and a little spinal extension makes the waist look tighter, and so does the fact that I’ll always have a broad beam — even when I was cut up for competition. I was flexing like bejeezus to get that look.

    But thank you for saying all the nice things. I believe I stuck that up there to cheer myself up because I have been feeling a bit bummed. So to speak.

  3. Oh, sledpress. I{m in CR at an internet cafe. So glad I stopped by to see this shot. Stunning moon shot. I love it.

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