Not Yet

So I referred my engineer friend to my dentist, after he had had his mouth butchered by his roommate’s dentist which figures as the roommate is not known for good judgment, and two antibiotic packings and a root canal later he sashayed into my dentist’s office to get a temporary crown, about two hours before I was due to get the same thing done for less dramatic reasons. Two jaws beating as one. A girl could barf.

The crew in the office seemed to have carried away a great impression from the young man and I mentioned it when we met for dinner, providential planning as we had gotten identical advice about what not to chomp with a plastic molar.

“Oh, well, when we were getting started the dentist asked me if I had any fear of dental procedures,” he explained. “And I said, ‘Not yet.’ ”

Smart ass.

Guess that’ll put the team on its toes.


9 thoughts on “Not Yet

    • Nope, my dentist is a pretty smooth operator. It only took me about fifty years of life to find one who didn’t have the mentality of an ape with a cold chisel.

      • I’ve always been lucky with dentists. The needle only hurts like a needle does … have not yet had to be peeled off the ceiling after having a nerve hit by the drill.

        If they could only do something about the SOUND of the drill. That’s the only thing that puts me on edge, even though it doesn’t hurt at all.

        • Personally, I think the sound of the drill DOES hurt, so does the ultrasonic water thingy sound they use for cleaning. I always get a splitting headache from those sounds.

          Of course, bear in mind that when I was a teenager I could hear the whine of the little oscillator in the TV that assisted it to find the proper signal, a sound that only dogs can usually hear.

  1. Surprisingly I don’t mind going to the dentist …… I’ve ACTUALLY been known to go to sleep in the chair. The only bit I have a problem with is the GIANT NEEDLE THAT IS PUT IN MY MOUTH THAT I’M ALWAYS CONVINCED WILL SNAP OFF [it hasn’t yet ….. but there’s still time!]

  2. I am a coward. My dentist understands that I am a pathetic, sorry assed ninny and a spineless chicken shit. That’s why I keep going to him even though it is now a six hour round trip.

    They call me “nitros man” at the dentist office. I’m still trying to get him to install a tank in his waiting room so I can take a couple of hits as soon as I arrive. “Gas me stupid!” I say as I roll in the door.

    “I see a red door and I’m too fucked up to paint it black.”

    • See, this is the downside. I have so rarely been afforded the experience of altered states of consciousness because I really do not trust people to behave responsibly if I am out of it, and that overrides any aversion I have to pain.

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