Bat Woman (Illustrated)

Just for grins I decided to wave to everyone from my favorite position. I don’t always have my cell phone in the gym, and I hadn’t really been planning on dressing to match the place, and there isn’t always someone I know around there to press the shutter, but it all came together nicely this morning.

I didn’t realize till I looked at this photo that the position makes my lower ribs stand out like I am smuggling clementines or have developed supernumerary breasts or something. Blurry, unfortunately. I think the whole hanging by my shoe tops thing (no, there are no gravity boots involved here) makes some people nervous.

12 thoughts on “Bat Woman (Illustrated)

    • It used to be normal, painted white and grey with the equipment upholstered in red and black leatherette. Then the management got mixed up with this purple and yellow franchise and suddenly everything looks like Howard Johnson’s in drag. Look close and even with the blurring you can probably detect the gold fairy dust fired onto the purple powder coat.

    • Yeah, I was in a hurry (I really didn’t have time to be larking about with photos at all, but the opportunity was there) and didn’t see that the essential shoe-top grip wasn’t visible till I got home.

  1. Always wanted to try that. When not on an ab bench, crunches make my back hurt. That looks like a good noninjurious workout so long as the boots don’t fail. But, yeah. For being color coordinated with the gym you definitely deserved to have people demanding promotional shots of 5hour or otherwise annoying you back.

    Is that your hat in mid flight?

    • Yeah, that’s my hat. Visor, really. The fluorescents in there are blinding.

      And as I said above… there are no boots. I just hook my insteps over the top bar of the rack and lock my tibial muscles. Rawr.

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