Brace Yourself

A client of mine, who was low-tackled recently by her Golden Retriever puppy, ordered a knee brace on my speculative recommendation (speculative meaning I thought it sounded like a well designed product, but hadn’t had a chance to try it out myself). She has a more than superficial interest in bodywork, and decided to support the team by ordering an extra pair for me to experiment with (she is just well-off enough for me to envy, except that she does things like this).

They’re not bad — I can speak to the matter because wading through snow the texture of quicksand chewed my knees up this past month — but we are still trying to decide whether to laugh or plotz over the package design.

You always dress like that for activities that would require a knee brace, right?


5 thoughts on “Brace Yourself

  1. By the packaging you’d think they were targeting their product at guys only, unless there is a huge market for women who hurt their knees while in bed. wink, wink.

  2. Looks to me like she’s put the brace on before getting dressed at all. And then somehow felt the need to caress it in a suggestive manner (objectum sexual?).

  3. It’s really quite a comfy thing, and I did actually make reference to Monica Lewinsky after kneeling down in the gym while wearing it and noticing how it prevented any uncomfortable pressure on the tibial plateau.

    DP — horrible thought — there was some Norse God who had nine mothers, I think — do you suppose he had nine navels? Eeek!

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