The Giant Vietnamese Icicle

Next door to my gym there is a Vietnamese nightclub which has been through a couple of changes of ownership (one of the previous proprietors used to do a lunch special, infiltrating the whole gym lobby with the maddening smell of cha gio).

Lately they have just been overstocked with frozen treats.

You should have seen it before two guys got up on the roof to hack away the big chunks.


7 thoughts on “The Giant Vietnamese Icicle

  1. News flash for Washington types that are not familiar with these things. The icicle will get longer and heavier and pull down the gutters. It’s best to knock them down if they get like this.

    • I think that was the idea when the two little 98-pound Asian guys got up on the rooftop and started chiseling chunks away and dropping them on the sidewalk to smash impressively in all directions around the parked cars below.

    • They sprung another one behind the Smith machine this morning — I mean a real leak in a pipe, not an icicle down the drainpipe outside. (We get this every few weeks regular. I finished my set before going up to the front desk to indicate the need for a floorbucket.) One year the fish freezer on the level above blew out and drooled a sort of diluted garum sauce through the ceiling all over the floor in the entryway. It still exhales from the cultured marble on hot days.

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