Search Terms

Apparently, someone found this blog yesterday via the search terms “Mature woman stripped down to her white bra and panties.”

I confess bafflement. I doubt I’ve owned either since I was in high school.


14 thoughts on “Search Terms

  1. Crikey.

    Makes my blog’s most frequent search terms (‘giant crabs’ and ‘blue tongue’) seem positively pedestrian.

    And I love white underwear. But only when its really, really white. Nothing worse than that ‘6 months old and starting to look a little dingy’ thing.

    • I suspect it might have been the post about the Victoria’s Secret discontinued underwear. That one is popular. And people from Turkey are constantly landing on the one titled “Sheet Porn.”

  2. I’m struck by the exactness of the search term, denoting that this person was on the lookout for a really specific fetish and only this really specific fetish. I would guess that red or blue bra and panties just don’t do it for this discerning connoisseur of porn.

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