And For Some, The Reality Check Doesn’t Clear…

I was going to remark on this, but the Post writer said it better than I ever could. And with more unbelievable anecdotes — though my New Best Friend(tm), while helping me shovel out today (bless his little Gen-Y heart), described the moment when he thought his last hour had come — watching a Hummer chug along at normal speed and do a 360 in the intersection he was approaching.

With idiotic drivers out in the D.C. snow, observers are driven to distraction

By Monica Hesse
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Some idiot was sliding around near Arlington’s Court House Metro station in a tiny BMW with pathetic rear-wheel drive, spinning his tires uselessly as he tried again and again to climb an unplowed street. “He kept trying to get up the hill, and I kept encouraging him to park,” says a dumbfounded Brandon Tudor, who observed the mess. “At least 10 times — locking up his brakes, sliding back down the hill. I almost yanked him out of the car.”

Some other location, some other idiot… continued here


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