Liberal Arts

If anyone doubts that stories matter — or has not happened to tune into the PBS News Hour this week — I offer this. It is remarkable.

Posted by Tom LeGro , February 3, 2010

A dramatic performance project called ‘Theater of War’ uses ancient Greek tragedies for a very special goal: To link ancient and modern warriors in an understanding of war’s pain and mental agony.

Wednesday on the NewsHour, Jeffrey Brown talks to the artists, mental health professionals and soldiers who have been involved and who see the healing potential of theater for soldiers and veterans returning from combat…

There are more video clips at the headline link.

People used to ask me sometimes why anyone would get an expensive undergraduate degree in something as useless as literature, especially literature (as a lot of my classes involved) written in languages that no one speaks any more, and that I can’t even follow very competently myself.

It’s good when someone has an answer like this.


3 thoughts on “Liberal Arts

  1. I love Sophocles’ ‘Ajax’. One of my all-time favourite plays, although I haven’t read it in about 10 years.

    But the US Military is averaging almost one suicide a day?? Christ.

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