Release My Tiddy’s, Sir

No, that is not an illiterate mistype.

I make an annual survey of the Internet Wines dot com liqueur clearance, because they are often the only shipper in the US to stock the Canadian liqueur called George M. Tiddy’s.

This is a difficult drink to order in a bar. Just don’t.

Imagine the suave complexity of Drambuie without the disabling kick. The woody fullness of bourbon without the, well, bourbon-ness. The honey of, for example, Irish Mist without the outright gluiness. There is a weird, exotic higher octave to Tiddy’s, one which I can’t call exactly herbal or fruity or what. Licorice? Mesquite? It eludes me.

I first snapped up a bottle in the palmy days when someone who was eighteen or over could buy liquor in the great state of New York — I was passing through Grand Central Terminal at the time, and there was a little liquor kiosk and I was a few days past my birthday and some liquor clerk who had obviously been in or around Canada at some past era told me there was nothing like it. He was right.

I have been able to find it intermittently since then, mostly in places that also stock other weird fetishes of mine like Black Duck and Stone Ginger. Internet Wines has been taking care of my simple needs for the last several years, and for most of that time has been the only shipper that had the stuff in stock. So someone tell me why the fuck any company would suddenly refuse to ship an 80-proof liqueur unless you order a case of 12: do I look like a cocktail bar?

They haven’t imposed this stricture on funky hybrids like Celtic Crossing, or duds like Glayva (I once read a review of the latter which credited it with an aftertaste of bacon, not too far off the mark).

People should be allowed to enjoy Tiddy’s in as large or small a volume as they please, thank you very much. I am bloody well off to wring Google dry.


12 thoughts on “Release My Tiddy’s, Sir

    • Thanks. I did surf that up later and was debating just that question about the shipping… alas, I’m near Washington DC.

      I was a twinkle in my father’s eye in the Chicago area, but that was a long time ago; sigh.

  1. I am so happy I found your site! I just met the parents (88 years of age) of a friend the other day and during our conversation, she asked me if I could get Tiddy’s. WHAT? She said they had drank Tiddy’s for as long as she could remember but has not been able to find it anymore. I told her SURE, I live in Michigan between 4 access points to and from Ontario and my grandmother was from Pt. Albert, ONT so I would be happy to get it for her. Well, no such luck! First I called all the Duty Free stores – After they laughed, they all informed me that NO it was not available. Called the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) – Nothing. Called the distiller, Mohawk Liqueur Corporation, which has been bought by Heaven Hill Distilleries, which directed me to the Michigan Liquor Control Commission which told me they stopped ordering it in 1993!!! Back to online shopping!! Found it at Ordered it 22-Mar-2011 12:24:21 and received it this morning at 11:22 A.M.

    I did order three bottles one for them, one for their son and one for me to try! I will say, this is an Irish Mist family so I am pretty excited to try this.

    Serve on the rocks or just sip?

  2. Question…

    Does Tiddy’s rhyme with “Giddy” OR “Nighty” ??

    (It’s prounced both ways here in California…. Which is ‘correct’…?

    • It was pronounced to rhyme with “Giddy” by the first sales person who sold it to me. It’s considered to possibly be a corruption of the French Tiede, meaning mild, so for that derivation to be plausible the I would be short, not long.

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