T-Shirt Friday, October, 2009: It’s Friday Somewhere On The Globe

I find Nursemyra’s custom of T-Shirt Friday entirely charming and  I hate to think I almost missed it, but it has been the kind of week that turns your brain into a tangle of fried relays. I know Friday is over at Nursemyra’s digs but I’ve still got a few hours to go on the Atlantic seaboard.

I still miss my kitty, and will for some time, but I have mostly been reflecting on how good it was to have him. I realized I had never worn this shirt, which I bought over fourteen years ago, at a cat show I attended with the object of picking up a couple of carpeted cat trees for the newly bought and still-chaotic house. It looked more like my big boy than any cat shirt I ever saw, though there was no real variation in his fur color and his eyes were bronze. He did have that warming ability though. One imagines a huge vibration heard over the Great Plains, or at least I do.

Global Warming

I remember that one of the cat trees was kind of cumbersome and they held it for me to pick up later, but the other was very basic and since the cat show was literally just over the hill at the local high school — where we’d walked — I carried it home on my shoulders, out of bravado. I’ve gotten out of the habit of trying to prove things like that.

Go forth and scratch the ears of someone you love.

9 thoughts on “T-Shirt Friday, October, 2009: It’s Friday Somewhere On The Globe

  1. I’ve saved so many cats from dumpsters over here in Spain; they are now calling me the Americano gato hombe. Or something like that. I’ve only kept one and he’s my baby! The rest have all been adopted, thankfully! I had to come check you out after seeing you around Nursemyra and Don’s blogs. Especially after seeing your last comment at Don’s! haha

    • Dear me, that one may follow me around for a while. In the end I punted at Halloween and just gave them their damn candy. But I’m glad it caused me to hear your story. Cat rescuers rock.

  2. Azar goes mental when I scratch his ears and starts rolling around in ecstasy. Sunny is somewhat more dignified. Must be the feline equivalent to getting a foot massage.

    Great T.

    • The part that amuses me is the way so many cats turn their head this way and that, a little bit more like a back scratch than a foot rub — “there, no a little lower, yeah, there!

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