Cat-Like Typing Detected


I have been listening to Baroque opera, among other things, on a laptop that doubles as an entertainment center. Thanks to the scholarly Zeus, I’ve been enjoying Lully — this afternoon, Cadmus and Hermione. (A period staging of a Baroque opera, I am learning, is a guarantee of at least one terrific monster puppet.)

Unfortunately my cats seem to find this genre fascinating beyond all previous films or musical diversions that I have played on my computer. I had no idea of their musical taste. I may have to get PawSense after all.

Yes, you can get software that defends your computer against the final peril — after viruses, after Trojans, drive-by downloads and spyware, there is the threat that your cat will take over your computer.

Even my house-call vet, who lives by his laptop, hadn’t heard of it.


14 thoughts on “Cat-Like Typing Detected

  1. Thank goodness Smokey doesn’t realize that he can walk anywhere other than the floor and “his” chair. This whole concept made me laugh at the same time as I KNOW that this is actually a quite useful and necessary item. I have met more than one cat who was fascinated by the flying windows or fish that were on the screen saver.

    I once had a cat (Amelia) who was fascinated by my typewriter. You know, that archaic thing with the little hammers that go up and down and hit a tape that transfers the letter to paper by the impact? I had to have one since I lived in a house with no electricity. However, she learned to sit next to the keyboard and press the keys down so the fascinating little hammers would go up and down and she could try to catch them as they flew through the air. Sometimes I would come to type and the hammers would be all tangled up. I can’t even imagine what kind of havoc Amelia would wreak on a computer.

    • I can see that trial transcript now.

      Defendant: “Your honor, my cat did it. I’m innocent.”

      Judge: “You’re saying your cat downloaded kiddy porn Sir?”

      Defendant: “Yes your honor,. He must uh thought it was kitty porn.”

      Judge: “Sir, I think your story belongs in a litter box.”

    • (performs apotropaic ritual dance, spitting to the four quarters of the compass)

      My Bengal has developed a habit for leaping on the laptop when a DVD is playing and changing the selection. In a lightning stroke.

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