La, La, La, La

Often, when I am dreaming, I hear music. While I’m still asleep, I’m likely to be sure it’s something intrinsic to my own dream universe. Sometimes that’s true — I wake up with a scrap of melody in my head that I can’t connect to anything I ever heard, and hum it all morning — but often as not, it’s perfectly identifiable, even if quaint in the context.

This morning I dreamt that I was cleaning the corridors and cupboards in an old-age home, and finding that animals were being kept in the cupboards and only taken out for inane behavioral experiments (will the rabbit pick the green card or the blue card?), though not otherwise harmed. There was a tune going in my head so vividly that when I awoke, I lay quite still, thinking it was too lovely to let get away, and deliberately visualizing a transcription onto stave paper.

By the time I had my tea steeping I was clear in my mind that this was a chunk of a piano trio or quartet or even quintet, but I am damned if I can remember which one. A lush and emotionally powerful piece, full of velvety lyric sonority. Dvorak? Mendelssohn? Brahms? Foote?

Phantom tuneAnyone able to help me out here?

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