Bat Woman, Again

A friend sent me this terrific article in the Daily Mail. A fellow with more time than I have, but more importantly an ingenious approach to night photography, caught all these photos of bats lapping from his garden pond in Surrey.


Now I’m fantasizing dreamily about the little bats diving down for a drink from my birdbath. We know they are aloft whereabouts, but no sign of them nesting in my bat house just yet.

6 thoughts on “Bat Woman, Again

  1. I think I told you about when I had a bat nest just above my livingroom balcony doors. And the baby bats would often miss the tiny opening to the nest and end up in my livingroom. They really were adorable!

    I am sometimes tempted to re-open the entrance…

  2. I went to the article and Archie is right. That guy is a genius. I applaud his dedication to the shot, though. The pictures are amazing, and the reflection of the bat’s wings is awesomely clear. Suddenly I hope that my little bats are doing the same sort of thing at my garden pond. If they are, don’t think you’ll ever see a photo like that on my blog! I’m not that good a friend of electronics.

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