T-Shirt Friday, August, 2009 – The Important Things

I have several times mentioned Donna Barr and her creation the Desert Peach, who is my hero for many reasons, not least because he has his priorities straight.

Harlan Ellison once said that the important things in life were sex, violence and labor relations.

The Peach is more idealistic and votes for Love, Honor, Death, and Tea.

Peach Shirt

I am a Darjeeling and Assam woman, myself, though all tea is divine; I must find out from Donna what the Peach’s favorite brew is, when he can get it.

14 thoughts on “T-Shirt Friday, August, 2009 – The Important Things

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  2. Great t shirt – great arms *envious of those arms*

    I tried to comment on Donna’s blog but it’s not set up to allow wordpress comments. perhaps you could show Donna how to do that?

    • I’ll have to check myself — I know lots of people use Blogger with OpenID. Check the Webcomic, the story running there right now is the rip-ass air battle where the Peach’s lover saves his life. One of my favorites.

      I’ve been doing air-punching warmups, 30-50 in a couple different directions with five to ten pound weights and ending my workout with a half dozen handstand pushups (real shallow ones, but there). I swear it even whips power singles for density.

  3. All open ID’d! Thanks to Sledpress for telling me how (I could have found it but I need to cover Makah Days today, and am in a bit of a hurry — it’s pits and pubes today!). http://www.Makah.com if anybody’s interested. Oh, boy, whaleboat races, dancing, bonegaming and frybread! Wow, that’s one of my rare old t-shirts. Not a lot of those around.

    • It’s been so long since high school gym I had to think about what “pits and pubes” referred to in this context… for a moment I was wondering what event that referred to at the Makah celebration. 8)

      • Uh… I think I sat next to him on a bed in a room party at Norwescon while he exchanged extremely bad drunk jokes with… some other writer….

        There’s a reason I don’t go to cons any more. Mostly because of the death of brain cells likely to happen there.

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