I Might Skip School Too

A while back I posted links to the story of Nujood Ali.

Predictably, being married to an abusive asshole and having to find the gumption to seek a divorce at the age of ten does not make a girl into a bubbly, upbeat twelve-year-old.Nujood in Court

If anyone wonders why feminists are “angry” a lot of the time, well, probably at least some of them are thinking about circumstances like this. It’s popular for detractors to say that feminists want to destroy the family. I can’t think of a better illustration of my philosophy that “family” essentially means “the people you can always count on to abandon you up close and personal.”

Girl is sold off by family to culturally winked-at pedophile. Girl has grit to demand protection from the legal system, and gets it, in a backhand way (Nujood’s divorced husband was awarded compensation for the loss of his wife, under Sharia law). Family seems disappointed that her notoriety has not made them rich, and has a ration of excuses for not encouraging her to go to school. The latest update is here.

The temptation is great to make people like this into icons — I leaned that way in my earlier post and I know I’m still doing it whenever I think about the story. No matter what she does at this point, there’ll probably be someone poised to read something into it; some adult projecting some interpretation of the world onto her.

I hope she has a good friend her own age, or finds one.


2 thoughts on “I Might Skip School Too

  1. This is what is wrong with sharia law in my opinion. How in the world can it be just that a man that has raped and abused a ten year old does not get imprisoned but rather compensated for the loss of his “bride.” This galls me.

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