Few Further Words Necessary

Actually, for those who log in from outside the US, a few words may be needed.

SCHIP = State Child Health Insurance Program, allowing people who make too much money to qualify for public-funded health care to at least insure their minor children.
COBRA = the pinch-hit insurance program that extends eligibility for employer-enrolled health coverage, at your own expense, after you lose a job.
OSHA = Occupational Safety and Health Admninstration, which gives working people recourse if their workplace is dangerous to their life or health.
TITLE IX = parity for girls in educational programs.
WIC = Women In Communities, a voucher program whereby poor mothers of young children get coupons for staple foods.
And yes, I remember Chappaquiddick. Whatever exactly happened that night, if everyone who had a hand in something that tragic spent the rest of his life putting in the kind of effort Ted Kennedy did, the world would be in a lot better shape.

3 thoughts on “Few Further Words Necessary

  1. if every conservative legislator who had a problem with hormones and alcohol could contribute half as much as Mr. Kennedy, the country would certainly be in fine shape…

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