Rapped A Little Tight

It’s dangerous when I have too much time to muse. Folding the laundry, I realized I was humming the simple priceless cover of NWA’s Boyz N Da Hood by Dynamite Hack — which I would have never known about if I didn’t occasionally spend time around teenagers. I recommend, pace Don Mills, that anyone not directly related to a teenager occasionally rent one.

I used to hum this during my political adventures in Arlington, which has a country club or two with attached golf courses and plenty of young people with big allowances. They have been around since my own high school days, sweating (at least in their own minds) attar of roses and eau-de-vie, convinced they are better than everyone else because they shop upscale. The problem with young people like that, of course, is that they grow up and go into politics and business, whereas the gangsta crowd who really are their soul siblings (who’s got the biggest roll? the coolest ride? the flashest bling? the touchiest ego?) usually flame out one way or another by thirty or so.

But maybe I take things too seriously. It’s just funny.

6 thoughts on “Rapped A Little Tight

  1. the entitled kids make me scream… spending time with my sons friends as we worked to raise money for a skatepark was a mixed blessing – they wanted it, were willing to work for it, and very little entitlement amongst the crew of kids from working class, often single family homes…

    mind you, i did have to deal with festive moments – such as the time one was playing with a taser on one of the other boys at a fundraising bake sale…

  2. Don’t have much trouble with “entitled” children around here, we are in the poverty belt. The kids around here with what counts as a large allowance would probably rate about on a par with the groundskeepers kids at Arlington. Still the hierarchy continues though.

    Of course, the latest statistics rate Missouri right down in the bottom of the fifty states in terms of child care, and Laclede county is 33 out of 39 Missouri counties on the same list. Sad.

  3. There are certain clothes I won’t wear because I have negative connotations attached to them. A lot of them show up in this video, specifically polo shirts and sweater vests.

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