T-Shirt Friday, July 31, 2009: The Real Man Test

I picked out this shirt at the Animal Rescue Site for my cat-loving engineer friend to wear to the gym. On reflection, I got one in a smaller size for myself, vowing silently never to wear it at the same time; some things are just sickening.

Real Men 2I am quite high on this site. You click on a site-entry button and their site counter logs it, and this count total  is parlayed into donations of food at various client animal shelters.

I shop there a lot for gifts and garden doodads. Unlike a lot of charity shops, they stock merchandise that actually outdoes the market average in bang for the buck. Some time back I made them my homepage so that I would remember to click the donation button once a day.

I wear this shirt to remind me of the pledge I made when my Albino Ex dumped me: No more guys anywhere near my life unless they worship cats as much as I do. (You know how there is a certain kind of asshole that thinks it is cute to bag on cats?) I should probably enter further clauses about tea, Mendelssohn, and single malt whisky, but until I can contact my notary, at the very least you adore the smallest whisker on the scraggliest cat that ever lived, Buster, or I break your arm. Straightforward and simple.

Cats, by the way, get whatever part of the bed they want.

12 thoughts on “T-Shirt Friday, July 31, 2009: The Real Man Test

  1. “Cats, by the way, get whatever part of the bed they want.”

    And can take up a surprising amount of space. I often find myself with no leg room on my king-size bed with just the two boys and wonder how I ever slept all those years next door in a single bed with three cats! Of course I used to wake up in odd pretzel-like positions …

    Great t-shirt. And I heartily agree with your pledge.

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  4. for me? dogs… and when it’s time for my dog to hop in bed? it’s time for my gentleman friend to say goodnight… and not let the door hit him on the way out!

  5. Bernie the Half-Cyborg Cat gets whatever side of the bed he wants too. And if his wife Marlie just happens to be passed on where he wants to be, he just lays on top of her.

  6. The pug sleeps wherever she likes too. (Yes, I know, cat people are cool and dog people should get a life. Don’t be so smug, daisyfae’s on my side.)

    • It’s not about smugness, exactly. It’s just that I’ve never found anything to like about being around a dog or anything to dislike about being around a cat.

      • Dogs were working animals on the farm for us. Beagles were for hunting, Great Pyrs for guarding. Cats also worked, but they were the family pets too. We always had cats. When we moved into town, the Pyr went with the sheep, and the cats came with us.

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