T-Shirt Friday in R’lyeh, April 24, 2009

This is the sort of shirt that’s only worth wearing to sci-fi conventions because 99% of the people on the street won’t get it.


It was a gift, from someone who knew I am (to put it politely) jaundiced about children, but have been a huge Lovecraft fan all my life. No, I didn’t like kids even when I was Kid Age. According to family legend, I returned from my first and only day at “nursery school” stating that I would never go back because “all they do is fuss and fight and play with blocks.” I would have fed them all to the Elder Gods if I had only known where to find one.

I sport a “Cthulhu for President 2008 — Why Vote For the Lesser Evil”? bumper sticker, and I can’t bring myself to take it off because of the one double-take I get every three months in some parking lot or other.

For those who share my perverted tastes, if you haven’t run across http://www.cthulhulives.org, their feature silent film of The Call of Cthulhu is worth every penny. I have no real use for roleplaying games, which one and all bore the ass off me, but hats off to gamer geeks who can come up with something like this.


12 thoughts on “T-Shirt Friday in R’lyeh, April 24, 2009

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  2. my babies were barely tolerable. because i spawned them. if someone asks me if i’d like to hold a baby? they get a curt “no. um… not really.” and that’s that…

    love the bumpersticker!

  3. Babies scare me, little ‘uns annoy me from a distance and intimidate me up close … it’s only after they reach about 10 that I can start relating to them as small humans.

    Great T and bumpersticker.

    • That’s about the age I start being able to stand them — the only kid I like at all, who’s now 13 and a little precocious, I met when she was 8. She uttered a complete sentence, which even quite a lot of middle schoolers can’t seem to do.

      Generally, I think the most accurate book that has ever been written about child development is William Golding’s Lord of the Flies.

  4. Cthulhu the ultimate sushi dinner! Not a sushi-boat mind you, but a sushi-super tanker size dish.

    It’s gonna take a lot of rice and wasabi. I’m up for it.

  5. This post is old but I cannot remain silent when confronted with these eldritch horrors. Newfangled toys of a perverted science such as Mythoscope will break open that which should remain fastened and doom Mankind to the privations of nameless terrors beyond imagining!

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