Wait Long Enough And Everything Comes True

When I was a schoolkid, if someone came along and asked someone else “What’re you doing?”, and Kid #2 wanted to be a snotty little bastard, as most kids do in my experience, the smartass answer was often “Playing tiddlywinks with manhole covers.”

Striking image, anyway.

Today I was upside-down on the glute-ham bench, counterweighting the move with a 45-pound plate, which gym rats are likely as not to call a “sewer lid,” and when I tossed it aside to do a few more reps with no weight it spun on its edge, walked and pinked the edge of another plate that was lying there, enough to budge it anyway, finally gyrating to rest against the frame of the bench.

I wonder if you could plane down the edge of one of those things enough to get a good tiddly snap.

3 thoughts on “Wait Long Enough And Everything Comes True

  1. That’s what angle grinders are for: bevelling massive weights so as to play tid.

    Once they’re all nice and discy, you should try skipping them, like, across a reflection pool or something like that. That’d be cool. There’s a pretty good one outside the NGV, and it’s already half full of coins people have tried to skip, so i reckon that’s the place…

  2. No way … if you ever get over your travel allergy your first trip needs to be HERE.

    I’m sure there’s medication for it. Daily doses of rioja?

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