The Wayback Machine

Thinking about the passage of time made me wonder how a few comparison shots would turn out.

November, 1996 (I had an album taken to keep me from feeling washed-up when I knew I was looking at a divorce):


Just now (roughly 7 months from the Senior Discount):


Hanging in there, even without a professional photographer and light array (or anything but me and a delayed digital with a fading battery, actually). Except for that zit on the right medial scapula. Must do something about the zits.

7 thoughts on “The Wayback Machine

  1. Some of the waist is in the posing and spreading the lats out. I’ve been doing handstand pushups as part of my “Bat Woman” upside down wind-down and it jolted my upper arms and shoulders more than I would have ever thought, even if I can only do four shallow ones at a time. I keep daring the guys to try. Chickens!

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