T-Shirt (V-Shirt?) Friday, February 2009

I was going to put up a favorite microbrew shirt, but in Nursemyra’s show-some-skin spirit, and remembering the recent mortgage closing that sidetracked me into a sex shop, here’s a little social barometer from the world famous Good Vibrations of San Francisco. Try wearing this to the local County Fair (I did) and see whose head snaps around.


A sex toy store collectively owned by women (for a quarter century, no less) was something that I guess San Francisco simply had to have. Other parts of the US, probably the most schizoid part of the world when it comes to sex, are not so lucky. Did you know that a while back, The Lone Star State of Texas passed  a law establishing possession of more than six dildos as a felony indicating intent to distribute?

Here’s about a ten minute clip on the subject, all worth watching, though the first few minutes of the late great Molly Ivins gives you the flavor. Not a good state to be a Lone Star in, I’d say.


8 thoughts on “T-Shirt (V-Shirt?) Friday, February 2009

  1. Great shirt – and message! I’m considering opening a few womwn owned/operated strip clubs when I retire. Sick od seeing all the men get rich when the gals do the work!

    • I’m considering either going in with you or dancing, seeing that Ann Corio had them on their feet at a burlesque revival I saw when she was already in her 60s. What a motivation to practice (always good for flexibility and coordination…)

    • I might as well admit here and now that I actually own a glitter silicone model bought in honor of my Albino Ex, since the proportions happened to be nearly exact.

      You should have seen the 14K gold-fumed glass objets at the sex shop up the road from my mortgage broker. Online images only suggest the glamor.

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    • My Albino Ex and I once nearly produced apoplexy in his old school buddy by telling him about the Baby Jesus Butt Plug. Thanks for reviving a laugh…

      “It’s pitiful. Just pitiful.”

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