T-Shirt Friday (January)

Coming in a bit late, but it’s still Friday for another hour and a bit here in the Atlantic states. puppetryThis is a shirt my Albino Ex bought for me the second time we saw Puppetry of the Penis. I still think it’s one of the most brilliantly funny shows that ever went on the road, and I’d been yearning to see it for at least a year when it came not just to DC but to Arlington, at a theater partially leased by the County. The uproar! The harebrained fiscal conservatives fuming with outrage that penises!!!  were going to go on display in a venue connected with local government (as if we don’t get pricks on parade in the County Board room every meeting day).  Albino Ex, possibly the county’s most notorious fiscal conservative, announced that his lady friend was jonesing to see the show and far from disparaging it, he was on it “like a dog on a bone.”

He took this additional picture of me in the shirt near the baseball stadium in Baltimore, while we were there for a fire truck convention. Hamburger, anyone?baltimore_bollard


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