T-Shirt Friday

Because Memory Lane is fun.


Nursemyra and her redoubtable fans have a charming tradition here. It made me root through underbed drawers for this one, which I was sure I still had; it’s a one-off custom printed by my notoriously quirky Albino Ex in commemoration of the day he wrapped his mind around the idea that I was in business for myself. “You mean, when someone’s butt hurts, they call you and say they want a butt appointment,” he said. “And no butts means — no lunch money. That takes guts.”

It takes more guts — or something — to put up with the crap I did in places where I was earning a “regular paycheck” that could be cut off at any time through one individual’s caprice, but it was nice to be appreciated, anyway.

I still see Albino Ex pretty frequently. Christmas morning, neither of us having any engagements with others till afternoon and bereft of gym facilities, we took a walk up the nearest bike trail, where – as the whitest man in the county and possibly the watershed region — he chirpily wished all passersby a Happy Kwanzaa. Cheeky bastard.

9 thoughts on “T-Shirt Friday

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  3. Daisy: I don’t have much in the archives, but there are stories I ought to tell, like how I happened to take a nude bear rug picture of him (visible here) with a stuffed dinosaur which ended up on the bulletin board in the roll call room at the local police station. After he dumped me I wrote a murder mystery and shot him in the ass at the end of chapter 12, and somehow that made us friends again. But he was always an ink slut.

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