Ghosts (II)

I just turned on the classical station and the orchestra was launching into the Soldiers’ Chorus from Gounod’s Faust. (Awful sound clip at the link, but it’s one I could find and gives you the melody — anyone recognize that?)  It’s a piece that was neither here nor there to me until the day my former-and-late spouse sang these lyrics to it:

My uncle sleeps with a kangaroo
Oh, what a hell of  a thing to do

Once in Beverly Hills, CA I was on an operating table opened up from A to Izzard with a spinal block in place so I could watch everything on closed circuit (it’s a long story, but I’m the kind of person who watches what mechanics are doing over their shoulders, too). They had to wait for the pathologist, and the surgical team was trying to keep from getting spacey by telling jokes. From behind the drape I volunteered my then-husband’s  Kangaroo Song. Only now, reflecting on the circumstances, do I notice a macabre apposition.

I followed it up with an original joke of his:

Q: What did Jonah say to the whale?

A: You wouldn’t shit me, would you?

After that things got kind of blurry, so I think they had the anesthesiologist give me “the hook.”

I still miss the goofy son of a bitch.


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