Oh, What the Hell

You know how one thing leads to another? There is a panda-like, absurdly young engineer who once came across this shirt while helping me chuck out a load of stuff that had quietly passed its sell-by date in the recesses of my cupboards and storage areas. He refused to believe I had ever actually worn it, so I kept it back for the psychologically correct moment. On being reminded of my first and favorite gym while writing my last post, and with this T-shirt Friday thing floating around in my head, I shot a picture to divert him while he’s visiting family over this Purgatorial Thanksgiving holiday.

A bit more PG going on R than the average T-shirt submitted to the fabu Nursemyra, but just so I can say I did this sort of thing once in public.Fifty-four years and one week. Nyaaaah

13 thoughts on “Oh, What the Hell

  1. That’s the first time a bra ever said anything like that to me…

    Nursemyra: Except for that pesky thing of being a dozen time zones apart we could have a blast in the gym, I just know it…

    100 views in one day. So this settles it. No matter what you say, or how adroitly you say it, the secret of fame is what Eric Berne used to call “boobrication.” oh well.

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  3. That was the greatest gym I ever worked out in. Open 24 hours a day/ 365 days a year!!! I was a member when it was closed and actually helped with taking it down. A buddy of mine worked the grave yard shift there. I like the picture and my t-shirt never looked that good!!!

    • Your buddy may have been the guy who sometimes kipped on the leg curl machine — I used to come in at three and four in the morning — couldn’t blame him… I miss things like that.

      Bets you still have your T-shirt?

  4. My t-shirt fell apart many years ago. I really miss that gym. Been working out for 30 years and have never been able to find another gym like it.

    My buddy was 6-4 and weighed over 300 pounds. He worked there nights while trying to get a job with the police force.

    • The guy on the leg curl machine was shorter than that. But pretty thick.

      I actually bought shirts when I knew it was going bye-bye… and I still have the beat to shit canvas bag with the muscle guy logo.

      No gloss, no aerobic instructors, no sauna, probably some microorganisms unknown to standard biology… but you could learn everything you needed to know about lifting just by standing in there. I think it was actually in the air, along with the vagrant perfume of stewed jockstrap. Aaaahhhh!

  5. In the summer we had to chalk the bars so that the weight didn’t slip off (the mirrors use to fog up) and in the winter we had to wear sweatshirts, jackets, whatever so that you didn’t freeze. I remember seeing my breath.

    I will never forget when a Tropical Storm hit Falls Church and there was a waterfall by the deadlift platform!!

    I learned to Powerlift in that Gym and competed for 15 years until my body began to give out.

    So you were there when they closed?? We probably crossed path at some point, I use to work out 6 days a week.

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